Sunday, July 30, 2017

Avocados and Monsters

Avocados and Monsters

Who knew such a simple thing could spur a writing assignment? 

Yesterday, I attended a writer’s convention hosted by “Cleveland Inkubator” in (you guessed it) Cleveland, Ohio.  The event was held at the Cleveland Public Library and if I had more time, I would have loved to have had a chance to look around.  What a beautiful building!

One of the workshops I attended was about innovative story structure.  We were given the short story “How I Liked the Avocados” by Wendy Oleson as an example.  Using something as simple as avocados she’s able to form a complete picture.

The instructor gave us subjects to make lists for.  Some of the words we were given are as follows:

POISON: (my list) words, memories, food, fat addictions, family, nerves, stresses

BATHING SUITS: (m list) bikini, wishful thinking, one piece, board shorts, skin, water, chlorine

There were more, but you get the idea.  We were then told to take one of these lists and using the concept from the Avocado story - write something.  I’d like to share mine with you.  For the “Monsters and Mythological Creatures” subject the first thing that came to mind was Sesame Street. 

The RED monster:  He has a pet goldfish and sings the alphabet real well.  He speaks in first person but that’s ok, so do you.

The GREEN monster:  Your shoes aren’t LeBrons.  Your clothes aren’t designer.  Your hair is curly but you wish it were straight.  The only thing you and the ‘cool’ kids have in common is you both want what the other one has.

The YELLOW monster:  When is the test? Did you make the grade? Will you be the quarterback or should you have tried out for the band?  Will you get asked to the prom?  Which college should you choose?  Will you get accepted?  Or should you just work in fast food for the rest of your life?

The RAINBOW monster:  Freedom from your parents. So much to learn.  So many people not like you.  You want to know more.  Which community do you belong in?  The world is your oyster you just hope you can pay for it.

The PINK and BLUE monsters:  They’re sticky and whiny and stinky.  They require food and clothes and trips to the doctors and dentist.  School plays, baseball games, birthday parties, prom dresses, weddings, and grand-monsters. 

The SILVER monster:  Can come at any time.  Spend time with your monsters because this one’s the end.

I know – it could use some tweaking but I had fun with it. 

I have another writing assignment from the other workshop I attended but I’ll save that for the next blog.

Update on book 2! 
The Point Guardian will be coming in January (if all goes as planned).  The exact date is not known yet but I will update everyone when I know.

I’m looking forward to attending my second Creatures, Crimes, and Creativity convention in Maryland this September 8-10.  If you live anywhere around there, check out the website and the times for book signings and meet and greets will be listed.

Also, remember Center Courtship is still available on Amazon!  If you've already read it, I'd love it if you could take a second and leave a review.  If you haven't read it - you have about 6 months to get it in before the second one comes out.