Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I've seen it!!

I'm so excited!!!  I got to see the final image for my cover!!  It is amazing!!  Not only did they perfect it - but they listened to my concerns and acted on them!  I can't say enough about how wonderful Intrigue Publishing has been to me!

Like I said in my video, I can't show you - yet.  But I will let you know when I can!  Believe me, there will be excitement and fun involved!!!

Come follow me at my Facebook page where I will probably post most updates regarding the cover release.  Liza Brown

Sunday, April 24, 2016

I'm an author

Since it's widely accepted that you can't put anything on the internet that isn't true, I guess the title above is accurate.  It's such a weird sensation to introduce myself as such, but now that I've approved the cover for Center Courtship, I guess it's kind of official!  I wrote a bunch of words, some people liked it, and the name on the book is going to be mine and not Author Authorson.  Although, I'm sure Author is a fine individual.  The words inside that book will be mine!  All mine!  I just can't wait to hold it in my hands and cradle it like the baby it is!

A little about my journey.  Because that is what this blog is called.

A few years ago, this story started floating around my head and after some mental tweaking, I decided to write it out.  

At first, I went through the required internal argument of "can I even?"  I don't mean the teenager's lament of not being able to 'even'.  I meant - could I even do this?  

I decided to do a practice run by writing a fan-fic mini-story using the characters from Fifty Shades.  I realized I enjoyed creating that story and the few people who read it really seemed to enjoy it so when I was partially finished with that, I started with that floater in my brain.   

Floaters... get it?

I had a rough time transitioning between the two when I was writing both at the same time – as they’re written from P.O.V.'s but I finally finished the FF and got really busy on what was then named The Asparagus Embarrassment.  I finished it up and shared it with a number of friends and family and I got some really favorable reviews from them so I figured ‘what the heck – let’s do this thing’ and sent it out to a number of publishing companies. 
Friends in writing groups warned me of the rejections, but the first few hurt anyway.  After some self-deprivation I got back to work sending out queries to publishers and in September of 2015 Intrigue Publishing asked to see ‘the rest of the story.’  I was told it would be about a month before I’d hear from them again.  Two weeks later, they asked for book two.  They said it would be another month, the following week I got a contract! 

I walked on air those first few weeks.  An air of disbelief.  But it was still a squishy, fluffy cloud of excitement. 

The book has gone through a bit of a change since then, after their editor looked at it and made some suggestions to help make it better.  I will admit, I was a bit upset by all the changes they wanted to make, but I am glad they did because I think it’s a lot better now than it was. 

As I said before, the original title of the book was The Asparagus Embarrassment, but we decided to go with a title that was more all-encompassing of the theme of the story.  That is why it is now Center Courtship. Of course, this doesn’t mean I won’t keep talking about asparagus.  Seriously, it’s yummy! 

Liza Brown

Friday, April 15, 2016

Brandon Takes Over

Hi everybody!  I’m Brandon!  I’m Mae’s nephew!  She told me that our creator (Goddess Liza) said I could take over the blog every once in a while.  So here I am!

I’m 12 years old and my dad (Max) is Aunt Mae’s older brother.  My mom is Gina and my little brother is Mitchell.  He’s five.  We have two dogs Jersey, and Jezebel.  They're big St. Bernards.

I’m so excited for school to be out in a few weeks!  Being in sixth grade is hard work.

Let me tell you a little about my aunt.  Aunt Mae is the best!  She babysits me and my brother a lot.  Sometimes we go over to her apartment and hang out, and sometimes she comes here to my house. 

When we go to her apartment, my mom always makes us bring healthy food with us because Mae never has anything that my mom approves of in her fridge.

  I always say it’s OK because she has like every different kind of cereal in her pantry and she always keeps our favorite ice cream in her freezer.

  She has three different pizza places on speed dial on her phone and they all know her by name.  She even lets my little brother order for us sometimes.

When we stay at my house, she plays video games with me and my brother and goes out to play basketball with me in my driveway.  She plays H.O.R.S.E. with me and she always wins.  She’s really good, even though she claims she doesn’t like basketball.

In a few months, Massillon will have a new pro basketball team here and my favorite player in the whole world will be on the team!  Elsu Benjamin played for Ohio State and then went to Phoenix to play for the Suns.  He’s excited to come back to Ohio to play since the Cavs were still trying to find a home after what happened in Cleveland a while ago.  So they ended up moving to Cincinnati while he was at OSU then he got drafted to Arizona.  I can’t wait to see him play.  Dad even got season passes to see the Whoopsters so we can go to all of the games. 

My dad owns the apartment where Aunt Mae lives.  I like to play hide and seek in the basement with Mitchell.  My dad says it’s not safe, but Aunt Mae says it’s OK since she’s always playing with us.

Her two neighbors are Mr. Arnold and Miss Colette.  They’re really nice.  Mr. Arnold always give us candy and even gives us money on our birthdays.  This one time, Colette dyed my hair orange and black stripes without mom’s permission!  Aunt Mae thought it was funny.  Mom was mad because picture day at school was the next day.  Oops!

My little brother likes to go to work with my aunt.  He loves cars and Aunt Mae owns a chop shop.  She’s the boss and she has a bunch of guys who work for her.  They’re really nice.  The one guy (Steve) taught me how to change oil in Aunt Mae’s truck, Little José.  Aunt Mae was really proud of me when I told her I did it – she even gave me $20! 

Well, that’s all for now.  I hope you like my blog post, I’d like to do it again.

                                                                Brandon Mitchell

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

About the author....

Maybe I'm doing this backwards, but I thought I'd add a little bit about me.

I was born in 1974 and grew up in Massillon, Ohio where I still live today.  

I have 1 husband (Dan), 1 daughter (Lizzie),

 2 dogs,

 and 2 cats.

I am a huge fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers, and me and my doll like to watch the games together.
This is Tender Love.  She is 42 years old, give her a break.

I'm just fascinated. ..

I started writing a different blog today, but instead I'm going to write this blog.  Actually, I'm going to share with all of you something that happened to me today.
I'm doing a 30-day writer's challenge and this was today's post.

Day 6
Today I am supposed to write about someone who fascinates me and why. But I’m going to change it a little. You’ll see how in a second.
Some of you are probably assuming this will be about my daughter. But actually, no. This is about the people who surround us. Be that literally or figuratively, the people in my life who make my life unbelievable.
For four years, my daughter tried to win a bike through an organization that gives away bikes for special needs kids. Every year we either didn’t have enough votes, enough luck, or enough money. This year she turned 14. She has never known what it’s like to feel the freedom of riding a bike. The wind in her hair, the world wide open in front of her. I figured since she was 14 she’d probably not be interested in a bike next year when she’d be eyeing that all-powerful driver’s license on the horizon. I was bummed that she wouldn’t get a bike, but like many things in the life of a child with special needs, she’d just have to go without.
That was until a friend suggested a crowdfunding site and I scoffed. I’m not one to beg. We’ve made it this far without begging, why should I start now? But she insisted, and I finally caved and set up the account. 
That was a Wednesday. I shared the page with my Facebook friends, on groups I’m a member of, and to anyone I could think of. Then, not only did the support come pouring in that they couldn’t believe this child had never had a bike, but they took that page and shared it high and low. They shared it at their places of employment, at their schools, and with their families and friends.
Donations started pouring in and it looked like we’d probably have the money by the end of spring (by my calculations). I was way off. Two days later as I sat at dinner with a friend, I opened the website out of curiosity and had to keep myself from screaming too loud when I read that we had met our goal! In two days, men, women, and children some we know and some we’ve never met donated to the account. Lizzie had the money for her bike. 
Long story short, the bike was ordered and when it arrived it was red. The only color available. I contacted another friend who works for a car dealership and asked if she knew anyone who might be able to fix the problem. She said ‘let me see’ – I made sure she knew I would pay for it. We had a little left over from the donations. By the end of the day, I’d heard from the body guy at the dealership and not only were they going to do it – they were going to do it for free!
Today, we went to the dealership and picked up the bike. We didn’t just pick up the bike. The dealership laid out the red carpet, put a huge bow on the bike, some balloons, and the entire workforce of the dealership was there to cheer her on as she saw her now purple and pink bike for the first time, and took her first ride.
So, who fascinates me? People. People of this world who give out of the goodness of their hearts. People who love my child. People who love me. This was one of the most amazing things I’ve seen from beginning to end. I could never say enough to thank them enough, I just hope they know how grateful we are.
The Bike

The happiest child in the world!

That is all I'm posting today.  I will post tomorrow hopefully.  If you're interested in what the 30-day challenge is, come over to my Facebook page and check out days 1-5,  Here is the list of the entire challenge.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Anticipation is...

As Eddie Money said in his song Take me Home Tonight...  Anticipation is running through me.
I don't wait well.  Especially when it's something I really really want.
Hopefully I haven't pestered to the point of no return yet, but I check in with my publisher more regularly than I should to see where my book is in the publication process.  Denise has always been wonderful about answering my questions - I also picture her on the other side of the interwebs rolling her eyes and saying "not her again!"

I'm new to this blogging thing so I'm just going to throw random things out there and see if any of them stick. 

Center Courtship comes out on September 15th of this year and I can't wait!

Wait - that's not big enough...

That's more like it!

Until I see the actual cover - I'll just have to pretend for now.

Want a snippet?  I can do snippets.  But you're going to have to earn a snippet!  Share my blog and once.... let's start small - 20 people have seen it - I'll post a snippet in my next post.  I will introduce you to a very special character, though.

This character is very important to my main character.  It is her solace, her sanity, her sanctuary.  It is where Mae goes to chill.
Without further ado - I'd like to introduce you to...


A truck?  Why a truck?  You'll see.  In about 5 months!!