Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I'm just fascinated. ..

I started writing a different blog today, but instead I'm going to write this blog.  Actually, I'm going to share with all of you something that happened to me today.
I'm doing a 30-day writer's challenge and this was today's post.

Day 6
Today I am supposed to write about someone who fascinates me and why. But I’m going to change it a little. You’ll see how in a second.
Some of you are probably assuming this will be about my daughter. But actually, no. This is about the people who surround us. Be that literally or figuratively, the people in my life who make my life unbelievable.
For four years, my daughter tried to win a bike through an organization that gives away bikes for special needs kids. Every year we either didn’t have enough votes, enough luck, or enough money. This year she turned 14. She has never known what it’s like to feel the freedom of riding a bike. The wind in her hair, the world wide open in front of her. I figured since she was 14 she’d probably not be interested in a bike next year when she’d be eyeing that all-powerful driver’s license on the horizon. I was bummed that she wouldn’t get a bike, but like many things in the life of a child with special needs, she’d just have to go without.
That was until a friend suggested a crowdfunding site and I scoffed. I’m not one to beg. We’ve made it this far without begging, why should I start now? But she insisted, and I finally caved and set up the account. 
That was a Wednesday. I shared the page with my Facebook friends, on groups I’m a member of, and to anyone I could think of. Then, not only did the support come pouring in that they couldn’t believe this child had never had a bike, but they took that page and shared it high and low. They shared it at their places of employment, at their schools, and with their families and friends.
Donations started pouring in and it looked like we’d probably have the money by the end of spring (by my calculations). I was way off. Two days later as I sat at dinner with a friend, I opened the website out of curiosity and had to keep myself from screaming too loud when I read that we had met our goal! In two days, men, women, and children some we know and some we’ve never met donated to the account. Lizzie had the money for her bike. 
Long story short, the bike was ordered and when it arrived it was red. The only color available. I contacted another friend who works for a car dealership and asked if she knew anyone who might be able to fix the problem. She said ‘let me see’ – I made sure she knew I would pay for it. We had a little left over from the donations. By the end of the day, I’d heard from the body guy at the dealership and not only were they going to do it – they were going to do it for free!
Today, we went to the dealership and picked up the bike. We didn’t just pick up the bike. The dealership laid out the red carpet, put a huge bow on the bike, some balloons, and the entire workforce of the dealership was there to cheer her on as she saw her now purple and pink bike for the first time, and took her first ride.
So, who fascinates me? People. People of this world who give out of the goodness of their hearts. People who love my child. People who love me. This was one of the most amazing things I’ve seen from beginning to end. I could never say enough to thank them enough, I just hope they know how grateful we are.
The Bike

The happiest child in the world!

That is all I'm posting today.  I will post tomorrow hopefully.  If you're interested in what the 30-day challenge is, come over to my Facebook page and check out days 1-5,  Here is the list of the entire challenge.

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