Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Anticipation is...

As Eddie Money said in his song Take me Home Tonight...  Anticipation is running through me.
I don't wait well.  Especially when it's something I really really want.
Hopefully I haven't pestered to the point of no return yet, but I check in with my publisher more regularly than I should to see where my book is in the publication process.  Denise has always been wonderful about answering my questions - I also picture her on the other side of the interwebs rolling her eyes and saying "not her again!"

I'm new to this blogging thing so I'm just going to throw random things out there and see if any of them stick. 

Center Courtship comes out on September 15th of this year and I can't wait!

Wait - that's not big enough...

That's more like it!

Until I see the actual cover - I'll just have to pretend for now.

Want a snippet?  I can do snippets.  But you're going to have to earn a snippet!  Share my blog and once.... let's start small - 20 people have seen it - I'll post a snippet in my next post.  I will introduce you to a very special character, though.

This character is very important to my main character.  It is her solace, her sanity, her sanctuary.  It is where Mae goes to chill.
Without further ado - I'd like to introduce you to...


A truck?  Why a truck?  You'll see.  In about 5 months!!


  1. Hi, Liza,

    Welcome to blogging! It takes time and effort to build a readership, but I have a feeling you'll succeed quite well. Congrats!

  2. Thank you!!! I just need to remember to update it. Lol

  3. You had a nice start and you've already built anticipation.

    1. Thanks!! Hope it gets the looks so I can post the snippet.

  4. This is a good first post.
    PS. And you're right about Denise.

    1. She's rolling her eyes at me?? Lol. I wouldn't blame her at all. I'm kind of a pest.

  5. GREAT JOB...and I can't wait to see what you post next

  6. Liza I am so excited to see your first post! And I am always happy to chat with my authors, even if I have nothing to say. And I only roll my eyes when it is DB Corey ;-)

    1. Lol. So that means I need to try harder. Lol