Friday, May 13, 2016

Brandon takes over part 2

Hi everyone!  Aunt Mae said Goddess Brown told her I could write another blog!  I hope that’s ok.  I like writing.  I’m really good at it.  Or at least that’s what Aunt Mae says. 


I entered a contest at school a few months ago to meet Elsu Benjamin!  Do you know who Elsu is?  He’s a basketball player!  He’s the best basketball player in the entire world!  He played for Ohio State for a couple years and then went to Phoenix to play.  He’s been there for a few years but now he’s going to be coming to Massillon to play basketball at the new arena they just built!  Massillon is about to be home to the Massillon Whoopsters – or Owls, for short.  I can’t wait to see them play!
Aunt Mae said I should share with you how I won the contest so I’ll copy it here.  She said Goddess Brown would be impressed. 

                I sent that letter in to the contest and I just found out at school yesterday that I won the contest!!  I get to go to Independence, Ohio and meet Elsu and take a tour of his big house!  I also get special seats to the first game of the season this fall.  I can’t wait to meet him with my mom and dad and little brother, Mitchell.

                Don't believe me?  Here's the certificate to prove it!  Elsu even signed it!  I know his signature, because I'm a big fan and his signature is on my shoes, and on some of my other stuff so I know it's official!

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