Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Book has Dropped

That's right!!

The long-awaited Center Courtship has officially gone live for pre-order on Amazon!

Every time I take another step toward the big day (September 15, 2016) - I say THIS is what makes it real!

But still - I haven't held it in my hands.  I can NOT wait for that.  I think then it will feel real.

With the release of the book to Amazon, I have done a few things as far as getting the word out.  First of all I have set up an author page.

I have used a site called "Copromote" to get the cover and link in front of more than 31,000 people on Twitter.  I've even gotten followed by some important people in the basketball world and am hoping to use that to my advantage in the near future.

I paid some real money to promote the book on Facebook and am rather impressed with how many people have seen it in the last few days.  As of this writing - over 2,700 new people have seen my page!  Of course not all of them have 'liked' it - but even that number has increased a lot.

I've placed the book on various book promotion sites on Facebook and traded likes for likes on other sites.

I'm starting a list of places to call to set up book signings and setting up book club meetings for after the book has released.  So if you have a place you'd like to see me sign books, leave a message in the comments below and I'll see what I can do!

Everything I've done is getting me closer and closer to the final goal - getting my words in the hands of strangers.  A bonus to that would be that the strangers who read my work actually like my work!  It seems so basic, but facing criticism is my greatest fear.  I don't do that well.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below.  


Do you love it?  Because I do!  Not only is it perfect, but my publisher really listened to a concern I had and fixed it!  I love Intrigue Publishing!

I know it's not a lot - but that's just a little sexy snippet for you to enjoy.

And of course, the back blurb for the book!  Come on, who doesn't love a 6'10" wrench?

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